1. 3 years ago

    Picking against Iowa worked well for me in the Picks this week. As bad as I feel, at least I got my LOCK on @uPicksCentral!

  2. 3 years ago

    I JUST WENT ON A 13-FOR-16 RUN AT @uPicksCentral! That literally just saved my season.

  3. 3 years ago

    RT @TheKodd: @PaulRSams follow these guys, they are good - @HawkeyeKoolaid @frysportsradio @TheGreatMarcVon @AKAGOATMAN @jriley128 @pack …

  4. 3 years ago

    RT @TomArnold Let’s! RT @HornetsSting @TomArnold btw, Lets beat some Penn St #ass RT @HornetsSting @TomArnold btw, Lets beat Penn St

  5. 3 years ago

    Texas Longhorns vs. Iowa State Cyclones - Recap - October 01, 2011 - ESPN http://t.co/xZVt6Q4b

  6. 3 years ago

    #18 – Iowa Will End Up With 5 Players Being Named 1st Team All Big-Ten http://t.co/7tT8ia9 via @HawkeyeBeat

  7. 3 years ago

    Well, Amanda had her first Chipotle margarita(s). Now I’m driving today!

  8. 3 years ago

    ESPN’s first music video would have been ‘Football Killed the Baseball Star.’

  9. 3 years ago

    You can read Tim Schifsky’s newest article on Fantasy Football on the site now! http://www.frysportsradio.com

  10. 3 years ago

    SNSS prep replay tonight! Johnston-Roosevelt, 10pm-midnight. PBP brought to you by @martytirrell on http://t.co/2WkvJsI